Vireo Software provides custom web-based application solutions to our clients by applying design elements created through a combination of specialized technologies. During the process of web-based application development, we collaborate closely with our clients from start to finish to ensure maximum efficiency, accuracy, ease of use, and customer satisfaction.

Web-Based Application Development
Step 1

Determination of Scope and Requirements

During this initial step, we undertake a comprehensive assessment of your project's requirements, expectations, and goals. This includes a thorough analysis of your needs and an evaluation of the scope of work necessary to achieve the desired outcomes. By clearly defining the project's parameters, we can ensure that we deliver a solution that meets your specific needs and expectations.

Scope and Needs Determination for Web-Based Application Development
Step 2

Analysis and Design

Based on your success criteria, your infrastructure hardware is identified and analyzed for how well these criteria can be achieved. A decision is made on how an application will be developed based on information such as images, descriptions, technical documentation, references, and other information and documents related to products or services. Software architecture is determined, and a plan is developed for the release process.

Web-Based Application Development Analysis and Design
Step 3

Project Planning

The identified project requirements are listed in order of priority, and additions or subtractions are made based on needs. The project is divided into small parts (sprints). The list of tasks to be performed during a sprint, detailed time schedules, and difficulty levels are determined. Sprints are assigned to team members. Short meetings are held within the team every day to discuss the tasks to be done. The progress of the project is evaluated in these meetings, and possible problems are resolved on a daily basis. The project can be monitored openly and transparently by the project owner.

Web-Based Application Development Project Plan
Step 4

Development and Testing

The project sections that are divided into sprints are coded by team members. As each sprint is completed, it is delivered gradually. To ensure the usability of projects that have completed the software process, browser tests, speed tests, and resolution tests of all screens are performed. Checking for incorrect or broken links is ensured. Compliance with web standards is checked.

Web-Based Application Development and Testing
Step 5


After the testing and final checks are completed, the project is released. The project owner is provided with written documents, video tutorials, and one-on-one training on the application, as requested. Once the application is released, the support phase begins, and work is done on additional development or other topics as needed.

Vireo Software is not just your technology provider, but your partner...

Web-Based Application Development Support